Crookham-Johnson Law Office, PLLC
Crookham-Johnson, PLLC, is a general practice law
firm which provides a supportive environment while
focusing legal expertise in family law, and
juvenile law matters.

Whether your legal issues involve divorce, wills, adoption, or guardianship, I understand my clients' concerns and provide understanding with strong representation in even the toughest of circumstances.

Located in Oskaloosa, Iowa, I am available to serve individuals and families throughout the state of Iowa. With my experience, I know how to get your case resolved. And though not every case requires a courtroom appearance, clients can be at ease knowing they are being represented by a professional who is extremely comfortable in a courtroom with a great deal of trial and courtroom experience. This allows me to provide my clients constructive guidance throughout their cases.

I recognize each client is unique with their own story and set of goals. I am committed to providing the personal and individualized service every person deserves. The first step in resolving your concerns is to contact me by giving me a call and then we'll take it one step at a time together.

Diane Crookham-Johnson