Crookham-Johnson Law Office, PLLC
Crookham-Johnson, PLLC, is a general practice law
firm which provides a supportive environment while
focusing legal expertise in family law, and
juvenile law matters.

Legal Services

  • Family Law:
    • I represent clients in a variety of family law and domestic matters. It is impossible to list every topic but a few examples would include visitation, child custody, grandparents’ rights, spousal and child support, divorce, division of property, modification of decrees, and paternity.
  • Juvenile Law
    • Iowa’s Juvenile Court is a specialized court within the District Court which has authority over four kinds of cases related to children: Children in Need of Assistance; delinquency cases, those that would be considered criminal acts if committed by an adult; commitment proceedings, and adoption. Juvenile Law is an area in which I have a great deal of experience and proficiency.
  • Wills and Powers of Attorneys
    •  When it comes to planning for the future or needing help in unforeseen circumstances, I can provide the legal expertise it requires in today’s complicated world. A Power of Attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf regarding financial or medical decisions. A will is a legal document which determines the distribution of assets following death. We are happy to assist you in the creation of these legal documents.


I encourage you to contact me for professional and skilled legal advice and representation in matters which fall into the listed legal service areas.

I am here to help.